Surfing in Limipicos, Ericeira, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

Wave Direction:
Wave Type:
Reef rocky
Ericeira is a seaside resort and fishing community that belongs to the municipality of Mafra, situated on the western coast of Portugal. This place is a popular destination to many surfers, as near the area there are over 40 beaches with excellent surfing conditions.

On the right side of the popular beach of Foz do Lizandro, just where the rock begins, lies another famous beach, the Limipicos beach, which is suitable for experienced surfers. It is very easy to find with instant access.

The regional classic wave breaks regularly, creating the perfect conditions for pros to use their surfing boards. The wave type is reef-rocky, the waves have excellent right direction and the water is hot in summer. The bottom is a rock flat stone containing some hedgehogs.

The wave is fast and on normal days the wave length is short only up to 50 m/164 ft. On good days, it can reach up to 150 m/492 ft though. The best wind direction blows from the south, while the swell starts working at 1.5 – 2 m/5- 6 ft. Mid and high tides are the best for the spot.

The place is really good, but it is for your best to know how to handle your surf board, as dangers are many. If you need more advice, the local schools are ready to help you with everything you want.

Limipicos awaits all the surfing junkies to enjoy an amazing ride!!