Skydiving in Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Jumping height:
Over 12000 ft / 3658 m
Freefall duration:
About a minute
Freefall speed:
200 kph/124 mph
Rotterdam is situated in a strategic position at the Rhine – Meuse – Scheldt delta on the northeast and in the middle of a road, air, massive rail and an inland waterway distribution system that extends throughout Europe. This is the reason why Rotterdam is often called as “Gateway to Europe”. It is one of the largest ports of the world and the second largest city in Netherlands. Rotterdam is located in the west of Netherlands, in the province of South Holland and south of the Randstad.

The city started as a dam in the 1270’s on the Rotte River and is grown into a major international commercial center. However, Rotterdam is known for its sporting activity and especially skydiving. Skydiving is a unique extreme activity and the perfect place to perform is at Rotterdam Airport. If you ask professional skydivers, they will tell you that a tandem jump is something that somebody has to do at least once in a life time.

Just imagine the thrill you will live and the excitement of falling from 12000 ft / 3658 m high while admiring the beautiful city of Rotterdam from above. Before the jump, you will have a mandatory briefing by your skydiving instructor who has at least 1000 jumps in his background.

After that you will get on a Cesna 208 and after a short flight of approximately 15 minutes, you will reach the desirable altitude. Once the door opens, just stand there watching the abyss. No time to hesitate, just jump off the plane. The amazing free-fall will last for about a minute and you can scream until you run out of breath!

When you reach the appropriate altitude, the tandem master will launch the huge parachute and you will glide for the next 5 minutes, getting unable to express yourself with words. The next step is to land safely at the drop zone in front of friends and spectators. It is just a decision. Book a flight and free yourself from everything that bothers you.