Paragliding in Turimetta, Warriewood, New South Wales Australia

Skill Level:
Intermediate and Experienced Pilots
60ft/20m AMSL
Warriewood is a suburb in northern Sydney, at about 26 km/16 mi in the north of Sydney's CBD (Central Business District).

Turimetta is a mixture of cliffs and steep slopes with a lot of changes in direction. If the instinct for adventure sports runs in your blood, then you should visit this place. There is a small grassed park on the coastal cliff from where most pilots choose to take off. Avoid to get in too close behind the knoll, as there is much rotor.

Admire the stunning views of the beach and the surrounding area while you are floating through the air. Bear in mind not to fly over the road. Τhe landing is on the beach in front of the launching spot, but be careful of changing conditions. This site is appropriate only for intermediate and advanced para-gliders.

Note: the lower airspace level is at 2500 ft/762 m. The GPS coordinates for the take off are S33.6965, E151.3102. Height: 60 ft/20 m AMSL. The paragliding association is at your disposal.