Hang Gliding in Porto da Cruz, Machico, Madeira Portugal

Elevation (take off):
732m / 2400ft
Elevation (landing):
14m / 45ft
Hang gliding is an air sport that gives you the opportunity to feel like a pilot. With this extreme sport, you feel the explosion of adrenaline while you are above the clouds. You feel like a giant because the ground from upside down seems to be like a tiny spot. So, if you want to feel free like a bird, you should find the perfect place to make your imagination a reality.

Porto da Cruz is the perfect place for sure. You can find this small village at the northeastern corner of a Portuguese island Madeira, in the municipality of Machico. Its name came from a cross (Cruz), that the explorers placed on a loch, that once used as a port (Porto).

In this place you can find pureness and peacefulness. The life seems to have stopped. Probably, at first glance, you may think there is nothing to see in this village. But don’t get rushed to jump to conclusions. The hospitable villagers will serve you their local dry red wine made of ‘americana’, which is a type of grape and it’s known as ‘vinho seco americano’. In September, there is a celebration well known as ‘Festa do Vinho’ and the theme is this really good wine.

If you follow the steam that is coming out, you will find the old sugar cane factory, a 26 m/85 ft height  tower. If you don’t see this tower, you probably have drunken too much wine. There is an impressive rock in Porto da Cruz, the Penha d’ Aguia. The view from up there is amazing and unforgettable. Imagine the view when you are hang gliding. If you want a flight, you must have the authorization from the owner.

From Porto da Cruz you go up to Portela and then to Lamaceiros. The GPS coordinates for the take off are 32°44’43” (32.7455)N,  16°50’10” (16.8363)W (elevation: 732 m/2400 ft) and for the landing are 32°46’5″ (32.7682)N, 16°49’24” (16.8234)W  (elevation: 14 m/45 ft). There are hang gliding schools with experts at your disposal. In Porto da Cruz there are also lots of accommodation and other leisure activities that you can do on your free time.