Hang Gliding in La Torre, Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico

Average Temperature:
Skill Level :
All Levels
Ideal Hang Gliding Season:
November to May
Wind Direction:
Valle de Bravo is a town and municipality situated on the shore of Lake Avandaro, in the state of Mexico. It is a popular weekend destination for Mexico City's wealthy families, since it is only 2 hours away from the capital. Valle de Bravo is also a popular area for paragliding and hang gliding.

The hang gliding spot of La Torre is situated on the eastern side of Lake Avandaro. Many enthusiasts of this amazing fly sport, both residents of Mexico and tourists, visit this spot as it offers great moments. The take off point is standing at La Torre, at Loma Bonita, at Valle de Bravo and the landing point at Santa Maria. As for the GPS coordinates, these are 19°11’5″ (19.185)N; 100°6’50” (100.114)W at an elevation of  2220 m/7283.5 ft for the launching area and 19°11’0″ (19.1834)N; 100°7’40” (100.128)W at an elevation of 1780 m/5840 ft for the landing point. Don’t be anxious for that, because the hang gliding school will take care of your transfer to the launching area.

The weather at Valle de Bravo is mild-humid and the average temperature is 17.5˚C/63.5˚F. During the rainy season, lasting from May to October, pilots can practice their favorite extreme sport with difficulty. Additionally, your plans for hang gliding or paragliding at La Torre may be canceled, because of the strong winds. That usually happens in case you try launching between 14:00 and 17:00, during the period that lasts from March to May. Finally, the wind direction is West and South-West.

After your performance, take the chance to visit the “Black Christ” of the Temple of Santa Maria Ahuacatlán, the Casa de la Cultura and walk at the Central Garden and at the Municipal Boardwalk and Dock.