June 12-14 All day

Kitesurfing at Kitesurf Masters

Race schedule:
According to weather conditions
Racing Free Style
The first stop of the Kitesurf Masters tour, starts on June 12 to 14 and takes place in the Lake of Burg in Fehmarn island in the Baltic Sea.

The Lake of Burg, is separated from the Baltic Sea by a small stretch of land with shallow water conditions that offer the perfect spot for the first Kitesurf Masters event.

Kitesurf Masters

The competition will be carried out in two different ways. On the Lake of Burg, as it is a flat and shallow water spot, freestyle competitions will be held while the racing courses will be laid on the Baltic Sea. The location and length of the course will be based upon wind speed and direction.

"Kitesurf Masters"

Access to Fehram Island is easy and accommodation options are available in Wulfener Hals camping spot. Besides the sportive competitions, an attractive framework of side events such as catering, interviews, live acts and more, will be offered to all attending the Kitesurf Masters event.

Stay tuned for more info on the program here and register here as soon as possible!