September 18 - September 20 All day

Mountain Biking in Iron Biker Brasil

Total distance:
130km / 80.7mi
Professional and advanced
Gathering hundreds of mountain bikers every year, Iron Biker Brasil is an epic race with the longest history in Brazilian MTB and the evidence of 22 years of mountain biking in Latin America!

Iron Biker Brasil is taking place in Mariana the oldest city in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil on September 18 to September 20 and is an epic race through the wild lands and steep mountains of Minas state.

"Iron Biker Brasil"

In the three days of the race, participants cover around 130km / 80.7mi through the challenging mountain trails of the Brazilian landscapes with lots of single tracks, caver, rivers, mud and so much more. There are three stages that include a short race and two marathon distances for the elite category.

Iron Biker Brasil Photo By: Dudu Profeta

For more info on the race, stay tuned with the Iron Biker Brasil web site or facebook page here.

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