Wind Surfing in Mui Ne Bay, Binh Thuan, Vietnam

Winter Wind:
Northern / 12-30 knots/22-55.5 kph
Summer Wind:
Southern / 18 knots/33 kph
Best Period:
December to May
Rainy Season:
June to November
Average Air Temperature:
27°C / 80.6°F
Mui Ne Bay, in the south part of Vietnam, is a new but very fashionable water-sports destination in the South East Asia region. The distinctive weather conditions of the region makes the spot a unique wind surfing training destination.

Mui Ne Bay, overlooking the South China Sea, is an emerging for adrenaline activities destination. Throughout the dry season the perfect wind conditions and the large, wide beach free of coral reefs and with sandy sea bottom, offer exceptional opportunity for windsurfing. Due to the proximity with the Binh Thuan Desert, Mui Ne enjoys a dry microclimate with strong northern winds almost every day.

The beach in Mui Ne stretches for more than 15 km/9.3 mi long and the waves formed by the wind can reach more than 4 m /13 ft high. Although the experience of extreme sports tourism concept is relatively new in the area, several professional schools and centers appear to become operational. However, you need to pay attention when you make your choice of local operator!!