Surfing in Galiote, Saint Tropez, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur France

Type of the wave:
Beach - break
Level of difficulty:
Experienced surfers
Power of the wave:
Good swell direction:
Good wind direction:
Saint – Tropez is a town near Marseille, at about 104 km / 65 mi in the east. It is located in the French Riviera, however, less glamorous in the past, it used to be a military stronghold and a small fishing village. Today it is a resort town, seducing many celebrities and jet-setters that want to spend a few days having fun and relaxing under the French sun.

Around Saint – Tropez you will find countless beaches, where you can enjoy the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. A beach that is popular among surfers is Galiote Beach. Depending on the wind, it can be an excellent spot for both beginners and advanced surfers. It is a beautiful and easy to find beach with a parking lot.

There are many characteristics of the beach that attract so many surfers. The wave is regional classic that sometimes breaks. When the wind is blowing from the east or northeast, it creates perfect conditions for surfing along with the best wave swelling that comes also from the east, northeast.

The powerful wave is beach break that comes from both sides left and right. In its normal length, the wave is from 50 to 150 m / 164 – 492 ft long and on good days, it might reach up to 300 m / 984 ft. The swell size starts working at 1.5 – 2 m / 5-6 ft and holds up to 3+ m /10+ ft.

All tides are in their best position with rising and falling tides. The sandy bottom beach is usually empty on week days but very crowded on weekends, so be prepared for a lot of surfing company. It is a very cool spot, well known and appreciated by the surfing community worldwide. Be a surfing star in the most fashionable beach of Saint Tropez.