Surfing in Yallingup Beach, Margaret’s River Area, Western Australia Australia

Best month:
Best wind direction:
Rocks and sharks
Yallingup beach, in Margaret's River Area and close to Dunsborough, is a great surfing spot, suitable only for experienced and advanced riders.

Yallingup Beach possesses an exposed reef break that has reliable surf possibilities. However, the spot is observed to be mostly swell flat, during the summer period. The best wind direction is southeast.

Ground-swells are more commonly observed than wind-swells while the optimum swell angle is from the southwest with 99% of swelling during September. Contrary to other surfing spots,  the southwest sea breeze offers ideal conditions of wind swelling to practitioners at the Yallingup beach. Both left and right reef breaks offer good surfing conditions and all stages of the tide have been observed on the spot.

The location is sometimes crowded while the rocks and sharks are the hazardous factors of the location. Many accommodation options and pleasure activities are available around the spot as well as training centers.