Surfing in Neil St-Dicky Beach, Caloundra, Queensland Australia

Skill Level:
All Surfers
Moffat Beach is a suburb of Caloundra that lies at 2 km/1.4 mi north-east of Caloundra's city center. The most remarkable location in Moffat Beach is the headland, around which visitors can find a plethora of accommodation options, good restaurants and stylish cafes.

Dicky beach is a popular tourist destination and attracts many beach enthusiasts. Neil St- Dicky beach is an exposed beach break that is suitable for all surfers. To reach the spot, follow the signs to Dicky beach and just before the corner turn left into Neill St, find the carpark at the bottom of the hill and you are there.

Surfers can explore the waves with swell sizes from 1 m-1.5 m/3 ft-5 ft and holding up to 2.5 m/8 ft. The average water temperature is around 28°C/82.4°F in summer and around 20°C/68°F in winter. The best wind direction is from the west and the ideal swell direction is from the south, southeast. In addition, the best tide position is low and mid tides.

Keep in mind that, it is a crowded spot, especially during summer. Last but not least, apart from waters sports, you can enjoy coastal walks and admire amazing views, sites of historical interest and many attractions on offer in Caloundra. Note: be careful of sharks, rocks, rips and localism.