Surfing in Malhadinha, Ericeira, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

Wave Direction:
Wave Type:
Reef Rocky
Ericeira is a seaside resort and fishing community that belongs to the municipality of Mafra, situated on the western coast of Portugal. This place is a popular destination to many surfers, as near the area there are over 40 beaches with excellent surfing conditions.

Among the beaches of Foz do Lizandro and Praia do Sul, to the side of Limipicos beach, lies another surfing paradise, Malhadinha beach. The spot is in the city, providing instant access to surfers who want to dominate the waves.

The regional classic wave breaks regularly, making the spot excellent for experienced surfers. If you lack experience, there are many local schools that will help you hone your skills, in order to enjoy these hollow, fast and powerful waves.

The reef-rocky waves have excellent left direction and the bottom is full of flat rocks. Normal and good day wave length is short, reaching only up to 50 m/164 ft. This doesn’t mean that the spot is not good, as it rocks especially with left handed waves. Mid and high tides work perfectly in this place.

The swell starts at less than 1 m/3 ft and holds up to 2+ m/6+ ft. The beach hosts only few surfers during the week, leaving the spot almost entirely for you!!! Localism is a danger that you should not overlook lightly.

In general, you need to pay attention, as the spot is not appropriate to those who don’t know how to handle their board. Malhadinha is a place that guarantees enjoyable surfing, one of the best water sports.