Surfing in Kawana Beach, Caloundra, Queensland Australia

Skill Level:
All Surfers
Caloundra is located at 90 km/56 mi in the north of Brisbane and it is the southernmost resort on the Sunshine Coast. With several beautiful beaches and ideal weather conditions, Caloundra is definitely a great holiday destination.

Kawana beach is about 9 km/5.1 mi long and extends from Point Cartwright to Currimundi Creek mouth. It is an exposed beach break that has good surf at all stages of the tide. Here you are able to explore the waves with swell sizes from 1 m/3 ft and holding up to 2 m/6 ft. The best wind direction is from the west, northwest and the ideal swell direction is from the east, southeast.

The average water temperature is around 28°C/82.4°F in summer and around 20°C/68°F in winter. In addition, the ideal tide position is all tides and the optimum period for waves is winter. In summer, the wind blows offshore at 10%, in autumn the wind blows at 13%, in winter at 23% and in spring at 15%. Last but not least, apart from surfing, Caloundra provides with many attractions and leisure activities to enjoy and have fun. Note: be careful of rips and jellyfish.