Surfing in High Bluff Beach, Klamath, California USA

Ideal Angle:
High Bluff Beach is located near Klamath, Del Norte County, California, USA.

High Bluff Beach is an overlooked, magnificent jewel resembling a hidden paradise. It lies in a secluded cove. When visitors go to the picnic area, they discover a breathtaking view of the coast that is spreading in front of them. In order to reach the beach, you have to follow a 0.5 mi/0.8 km trail through a series of switchbacks and a beautiful forest.

The beach is covered by volcanic sand, colored in soft and light brown and every 12 hours it seems like a different beach, as the wave erases the footsteps. The facility owns picnic tables, but no restrooms, so visitors should be prepared. It is an ideal place for surfers.

It is an exposed beach – break with fairly consistent, surf offshore winds that come from the east. Clean groundswells are dominating and their ideal angle is from west/southwest. All of the beach – breaks are right. Optimum conditions are at high tide, when tide is rising. Surfers should look out for sharks, rips and rocks.