Surfing in Consolaçao, Peniche, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

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Peniche is a municipality and a seaside city, situated in formerly Estremadura Province, in Oeste Subregion. The municipality consists of 6 parishes and it is a popular surfing destination.

Peniche has a lot of beaches, some of them very popular and other less popular. No matter their status, every single one of them has something unique to offer to anyone who enjoys surfing on his/her surfing board.

Consolacao beach is a not so known beach that is appropriate for experienced surfers. The beach is public and very easy to find. With regional classic wave quality and regular wave frequency, Consolacao guarantees nice surfing sessions.

The wave type is point-break and waves have awesome right direction. The bottom of the sea features flat rocks. On normal days the length of waves ranges between 50 and 150 m/164 and 492 ft and on good days it reaches 300 m/984.3 ft.

The swell usually starts working at 1.5 – 2 m/5 – 6 ft and holds up to 5+ m/16+ ft. The spot works perfectly on low and mid tides and the best tide movement is falling tide. The beach is usually empty on week days and you see a few surfers riding the waves only at weekends.

Bare in mind that the beach is suitable for experienced surfers, so if you lack experience, it is suggested to contact the local schools to help you hone your skills.