Surfing in Freshwater Beach, Freshwater, New South Wales Australia

Swell size:
1m/3ft (or less) to 2m/6ft
Offshore Winds:
Freshwater, also known as Harbord, is a suburb of northern Sydney. Freshwater beach is a sheltered beach break between Curl Curl and Queenscliff.

This is the beach where surf was first recorded in Australia by the Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku in 1914. Nowadays, there is a statue of the Hawaiian legend on the headland at Freshwater.

The headland at the north end provides excellent surf and a good shelter from northeast winds.The beach is appropriate for all kind of surfers, but the southern end is only for advanced surfers due to large south swell. Surfers can explore the waves with swell sizes from 1m/3ft (or less) to 2m/6ft. The best tide movements is rising tides. Offshore winds blow from the Northwest.

At summer the wind blows offshore at 16%, in autumn the wind blows at 21%, in winter at 19% and in spring at 18%. The best period for waves is in autumn. It is a crowded spot, especially in weekends with families and surf beginners, so be patient.