Surfing in Coogee Reef, Coogee, New South Wales Australia

Skill Level:
Coogee is a beach-side suburb of Sydney, at about 8 km/4 mi in the south-east of Sydney's CBD (Central Business District).

Coogee beach nestles among sandstone headlands and it is protected from the heavy waves, coming from the Wedding Cake Island. Coogee reef is located at the southern end of the beach, next to the surf club.

Surfers can explore the waves with swell sizes from 5 ft-6 ft (1.5 m-2 m) to 8 ft (2.5 m). The best tide movement is rising and falling tides. The site is appropriate for experienced surfers.

Offshore winds blow from the west and the ideal swell direction is from the southeast. In summer the wind blows offshore at 11%, in autumn the wind blows at 30%, in winter at 44% and in spring at 18%. Coogee reef does not break often, but it breaks well when there is a groundswell of 8 ft/2.5 m.

Last but not least, stroll along the beachfront and enjoy the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the Wedding Cake Island. Watch out for rocks.