Surfing in Chaika, Adler, Kray of Krasnodar Russia

Main wind direction:
Average air temperature:
Average wind speed:
7 knots/13 kph
Adler was once a town and now the main settlement of Adlersky City District, situated in Sochi, Russia. Adler is now a resort on the coast of Black Sea and it stays in the mouth of river Mzymta.

Adler resort, lying on the coast of the Black Sea, is a point of destination for all surfers worldwide. One of the beaches that attracts all kind of surfers is Chaika. Other known as Mzymta due to the Mzymta river, Chaika is one of the most popular beaches in Adler.

It is a very easy to find public beach, situated in the city. As almost everywhere in the Black Sea, waves don’t break often and have normal quality. The wave type is beach-break and waves come from both directions, right and left.

Although waves are powerful, they create short length of 50 m/164 ft and on good days reach a normal length of 150 m/492 ft. The main wind direction, as given by the weather station of Sochi-Adler Airport, is coming from many different directions and the average temperature is medium.

The swell starts working at 1 – 1.5 m/3 – 5 ft and holds up to 4+ m/12+ ft. All tides are good and best tide movement are rising and falling tides. The beach is empty all week, so you can enjoy the amazing waves breaking on your own!

Extra attention should be given to man made dangers, as buoys. This beach, as one of the most popular in the Adler area, is waiting for ambitious surfers, who want to learn some more tricks or exercise their existing abilities.