Rafting in White River-Guzeripl, Maykop, Republic of Adygeya Russia

Level of difficulty:
2-3 CC (Extreme)
1.5 hrs
Maykop is a city situated on the right bank of Belaya River, which is a tributary of the Kuban. It is the capital city of the Republic of Adygea in Russia.

The nature that surrounds the area is magnificent with a beauty you can’t even imagine. One of the best ways to observe the vistas and also train is by water and specifically on the White River, where White Water Rafting is taking place.

The rafting section is the Guzeripl, which is the most popular one among tourists. The rafting tour contains water hazards of grade 2-3 CC, so it is suggested to have some previous experience. The tour is divided in two parts.

The first one is an easy raft, suitable for all levels of experience with no serious obstacles. In the second part, the route has several thresholds that you will pass under the guides’ directions. The route is active and beautiful.

Due to the change of the water level, the nature of obstacles varies, so the alloy is always varied. This fusion takes place in a gorgeous stretch of the White River in the territory that borders the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve.

This route runs all year round in all levels of water, except critical flood. Imagine white water rafting in the winter, on the cold to frozen river, watching the amazing beauty that surrounds you, where everything is covered with that soft white carpet. This experience is something you shouldn’t miss!