Surfing in Busca Vida Beach, Lauro de Freitas, Bahia Brazil

Wind direction:
North - Northwest
Wave's height:
Up to 10ft/3m
Best period:
Salvador, the capital of the State of Bahia, located in the northeast coast of Brazil is a great destination for surfing in South America. The sandy white, long beaches and the constant and continuous waves offer incredible surfing moments.

The Busca Vida beach, situated at 33 km/20 mi in the the northeast of Salvador and exposed to the Atlantic Ocean, offers good surfing condition. The sea and air temperature is pleasantly warm and the long coast line ensures many free spots for surfing. The beach is a reef break. The shape of the beach favors the ground swells and the best angle is from the south.

Salvador, thanks to its great number of beaches, is a paradise of surfing, The Busca Vida beach is among the most popular spots in Brazil for surfing. The best season to surf in Salvador is from September to March. Keep an eye on the rocks in the line-up.

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