Scootering in Glasgow Skatepark, Newark, Delaware USA

Banks, stairs, manual pads, hubba ledges, quarter pipes
Newark is an American city in New Castle County, Delaware. It is located 12 mi (19 km) west-southwest of Wilmington.

Glasgow Park offers numerous exciting activities to visitors. It is full by scootering daredevils everyday, who visit this park with the most well-known features in order to exercise the best scootering.

Feel the adventure of scootering in 24000 ft²/2230 m² area, with sweet bowls, great quarter pipes, sick rails and boxes. You also find two distinct bowls with a street plaza, which is consisted of hubba ledges, pier 7 block, hand rails, manual pads and banked wall rides. The park was designed in 2007 and finally constructed in 2011, offering excellent features for all levels and tastes.

It also offers fine banks and stairs for a challenging activity. The best of all is that the admission is free. As far as your equipment is concerned, the spot is endowed with many rental shops. So, give yourself the opportunity to visit Glasgow Park and enjoy this activity with a vengeance.