Surfing in Boca de Pascuales, Tecoman, Colima Mexico

Skill Level:
Experienced Surfers
Swell Size:
1m/3.3ft to 5m/16.4ft
Best Wind Direction:
Best Swell Direction:
Wave Type:
Sand-bar, Barreling
Boca de Pascuales is situated in the western Mexico, on Mexico's central Pacific Ocean coast. It belongs to the municipality of Tecoman in the Mexican state of Colima. Tecoman and Manzanillo are the two main cities of Colima's state. Tecoman is known as the "World's Lime Capital" and Manzanillo as the "Sailfish Capital of the World".

Boca de Pascuales is a popular surfing spot that many surfers from all over the world crave to visit. It is very easy to identify with an easy access to the public. The beach is usually crowded, especially during weekends, so surfers should be very careful.

Surfers are able to enjoy the waves with swell sizes that can start from 1 m/3.3 ft and can hold up to 5 m/16.4 ft or more. The best wind direction is from the east and northeast while the optimum swell direction is when coming from the south and southeast. The type of the wave is sand-bar and barreling. This spot offers both right and left hand waves. Furthermore, the waves are hollow and powerful, so it is very fun for surfers to ride them. In normal days, the wave length is short up to 50 m/164 ft and on good days it fluctuates from 50 m/164 ft to 150 m/492 ft long. Also, the bottom of the sea is sandy.

As the weather conditions are optimum most of the year, visitors who love surfing may enjoy it all year round. Unfortunately, those people who would like to take some lessons at Boca de Pascuales will be disappointed, as this spot is addressed to experienced surf enthusiasts. Novices surfers may give a try at Barra de Navidad, at 125 km/77.7 mi in the northwest of Boca De Pascuales, where the conditions are ideal for beginners.