Snowboarding in Elbrus (Azau) Ski Resort, Mount Elbrus, Republic of Kabardino-Balkariya Russia

Top station altitude:
3780 m/12402 ft
Vertical drop:
1780 m/5839 ft
Longest run:
5000 m/16404 ft
Ski lifts:
Mount Elbrus or Adyge 'Waschhemaxwe' or Karachay-Balkar is a dormant volcano situated in the western Caucasus mountain range, in the Republics of Karachayevo-Cherkesiya and Kabardino-Balkariya, Russia, near the Georgian borders.

Mount Elbrus’s summit is the highest in the Caucasus. There is a fight between different authorities of how the Caucasus is distributed between Asia and Europe. Although many agree that the mountain is the highest in the entire Europe or the highest in the western Asia.

Either way, it is another reason for the great popularity of one of its ski resorts, the Elbrus (Azau) Ski Resort. Some doctors say that the air around the resort is magic and extremely good for the lawns. In Elbrus, great amount of snow falls guarantee deep snow during the season, creating perfect conditions for snowboarding.

Besides all these, the mountain enjoys convenient proximity, something that makes it even more attractive to snowboarders. The board enthusiasts will enjoy 35 km/21.1 mi of terrain that consists of 27 trails.

The trails are 2 for novices, 5 for intermediate snowboarders, 10 for advanced snowboarders and 10 for experts. The slopes are wide and flat with small elevation changes. The largest amount of trails lie between 2100 – 3800 m/6890 – 12467 ft though.

The freeride enthusiasts will adore the area that stands above the last station, as it is ideal for snowboarding. Boarders will also love a snowy field under the second stage of the pendulum lifts. The lifts that serve the resort are 7, 2 gondolas, 1 T-bar, 1 cable and 3 chairlifts, ready to give a ride to heaven.

If you feel impatient trying these awesome slopes, keep in mind that the season opens in November and usually ends in June. That may not happen though, as many times there is no closing season, because the snow is here all summer, providing snowboarding fun under the summer sun.

All these should be more than enough for you, in order to include a visit to Elbrus – Azau Ski Resort to your future plans.