Snowboarding in Candanchu Snowpark, Huesca, Aragon Spain

Beginners slope:
12% incline
Total area:
45000 m²/ 484375 ft²
Candanchu is a ski resort located at the north of Pyrenees mountains, near the borders between Spain and France. The area used to be a military camp of the French Angevin dynasty and it was named "Camp d'Anjou". The temperature varies from 2°C/35.6°F to 19°C/66.2°F throughout the year, with January being the coldest and August the warmest month.

In the resort at the base of Mount Tobazo next to the parking area you can find a fenced snowpark. It has an area of 45000 m²/ 484375 ft² with various rails, jumps and obstacles for experienced as well as beginner snowboarders since there is also a slope with only 12% incline.

It hosts a number of snowboarding events and competitions like the Candanchu Spot Battle. It’s the perfect spot for a chance to try some new tricks, jumps and stunts before heading out to the big slopes. There are a lot of training schools, clubs and shops, in the area where you can buy, repair or even rent your equipment.