Skiing in Vorob’evy Gory Ski Area, Moscow, Federal city of Moscow Russia

Vertical drop:
40 m/131.2 ft
Longest run:
230 m/755 ft
Night skiing:
Moscow is situated in Russia and it is the capital city and the most popular federal subject. It is located on the banks of Moskva River that flows for over 500 km/311 mi right through the East European Plain in central Russia.

If you enjoy nice, short ski sessions, there is a place for you near the Vorobyori Gori metro station in Moscow, the Vorob’evy Gori. It is a charming, little ski area with magnificent view at night, overlooking the Luzhniki stadium, which is the Grand Olympic Sports Arena of Russia.

If you decide to overpass the area and walk a little up the hill, you will find the grand Moscow State University. The area offers 2 chair lifts and 1 T-bar lift to serve you best for your skiing adventure.

In case you don’t have any equipment or don’t know how to ski, there are rentals and qualified instructors to help you with everything you need. The tracks are mostly suitable for intermediate and novice skiers, so experts will have to find another place to ski, except if they wish an easier session.

Inside the facility you will find restaurants and cafes to rest and enjoy the marvelous view of this beautiful snowy area. If you are a student at the nearby university, a resident or even a visitor, you will definitely enjoy a great, short session in this ski area.