Snorkeling in Roquetas de Mar, Almeria, Andalusia Spain

Top spot:
Barrier reef of Posidonia
Organized trips:
Roquetas de Mar is a municipality, located in the west of Almeria province. It lies among La Mojonera, Vicar and Enix. Roquetas de Mar is one of the most popular towns of Almeria, with direct coastal access to the Mediterranean Sea.

It is called the sunniest region of all Europe, with more than 3000 hours of sunshine every year and low rainfall. Roquetas de Mar enjoys a Mediterranean sub-tropical climate, with June through August (high season period) being considered as quite warm months. Water temperature is warm too, between 20 and 24°C/68-75.20°F. Wave size is at maximum 1 m/3 ft, making snorkeling easy.

Take a trip to the Barrier reef of Posidonia, a natural monument on the Andalucian coastline, full of coral reefs, small caves, cliffs and boulders. An underwater home, and breeding shelter for more than 800 species of marine animals and flora is spotted there. There are also organized trips with boats, exploring the neighbor coasts of the area. At Roquetas you will be astonished on this Mediterranean underwater paradise.