Bungee Jumping in Ertingen, Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany

Jump height:
50 m/164 ft
1 1/2 hour
Body weight:
50-120 kg/110.3-264.8 lb
Stuttgart is situated in southern Germany and is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg. It is the sixth biggest city in Germany and is surrounded by a ring of smaller towns. The area is called Stuttgart Region.

Stuttgart is a city full of life with a huge outdoor activity. One of the sports taking place in Stuttgart and being very popular among extreme sports fans is bungee jumping. The actual spot is about at 80 km /49 mi in the  south of Stuttgart in Ertingen. The only thing you need is your positive energy and mood and a lot of courage to take the leap!

Feel the wind around you, the adrenaline and the racing pulse of your heart while you see the ground getting closer and closer. All these and even more make the experience a perfect one! You will jump off a crane at a height of 50 m /164 ft above the ground. There are options available like jumping in couples and an immersion in the water.

Before jumping, you will receive some instructions and you are ready to go. The duration of this amazing experience is about 1 ½ hour. There are some limitations like body weight control, you shouldn’t be less than 50 kg/110.3 lb or more than 120 kg/264.8 lb and you should be in a normal physical condition.

Feasibility of the sport’s performance depends on weather. For safety reasons, there is no bungee jumping taking place while high winds are blowing or lightning. Necessary equipment is provided on the spot, all you have to bring is walking shoes with your ankles free and comfortable athletic clothing. So don’t waste any more time, call and book this heart beating experience!