Paragliding in Saint Hilaire du Touvet, Grenoble, Rhone-Alpes France

GPS Coordinates lift off/landing:
45.3069, 5.88806 / 45.3023, 5.9057
Lift off site elevation / landing site elevation:
906 m (2972 ft) / 232 m (761 ft)
Wind direction / speed:
N, 6 mph / 9 kph
16 mi/25.7 km
Gliding Ratio:
Grenoble is the capital of the Isère department. It is situated in the Rhone-Alps region in southeastern France where the river Drac joins the Isère, right on the foot of the French Alps. Grenoble has a rich history to demonstrate, going back for more than 2.000 years when it was just a small Gallic village. Now it is a big industrial and scientific center in Europe. However, Grenoble is a big sporting center where many extreme sports are being performed.

Saint Hilaire du Touvet is near Grenoble and is the perfect spot for paragliding. The place is so popular that you can come across approximately 50 para-gliders taking off, the one after the other. The spot is an easy one and the take off site has two parts. The north take off is like a big comfortable carpet but it might get downwind by the blowing thermal in front.

At the south take off, you will find grass everywhere and you might face more thermal winds there than at the north take off. It is a very easy spot to identify as take off is near the funicular station in Saint Hilaire Village. Once you take off, turn right so you face the south. Then follow the cliff and cross a beautiful little valley called the Manival.

After that, the first thermal wind comes against you. Work it and then go up the crest of Saint Eynard, which you should follow to the south to a lovely old fort. You can come back the same way. When you pass the Manival valley, you have the opportunity to go up the Dent de Crolles top and follow the big crest to Le Granier top in the north. Then go back to Saint Hilaire and land near your car.

Landing takes place in Lumbin. Top landing is being made by north winds or a small breeze near the principal road at the big parking. When the wind is south, you should be very careful. Especially in spring the flying conditions can be hard, mostly near the cliff.

Also as the flight regulations command, you shouldn’t flight at over 3000 m / 9843 ft high. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes, preferably made out of cotton as the humidity is at 76%. The site is mostly cloudy but the visibility is quite good. It is a paragliding spot that you will love like many other fellow paragliders.