Bodyboarding in Nobadeer Beach, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts USA

1-3 m/3-9 ft
Best swell direction:
South, East, Southeast
Best wind direction:
North, Northwest, West
Best tide:
low and mid
Nobadeer beach is one of the many beaches in Nantucket island. It is a wide, sandy beach easily accessible, apart from an uneven sandy part you have to go through when being close to the beach, for which you might need a 4x4 vehicle.

It is mostly a surfer’s beach, but also a spot for other wind and water sports. Suitable for all levels of experience, but when the wind is up, it is not a place for beginners. Here swell starts building at 1 m/3 ft and can reach up to more than 3 m/9 ft with best swell directions coming from South, East and Southeast. Best wind directions are from the North, Northwest and West with best tide being the low and mid tide.

You should be cautious with the rips and the undertow. During week days, the beach is crowded, being one of the island’s most famous beaches, but you will be surprised to see how many people arrive during the weekends.

Close to the town of Nantucket, almost at 3.4 mi/5.5 km away and near Nantucket Memorial Airport, Nobadeer beach is next to all the facilities that Nantucket island has to offer. In the town of Nantucket, you can choose from a selection of fine hotels and restaurants serving a surprisingly large variety of gourmet food.