Bodyboarding in Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove, California USA

Best wind:
East, Southeast
Best swell direction:
North, west, northwest, southwest
Asilomar state beach is a state park located in Pacific Grove, California, USA.

It provides access to some smaller beaches called Rocky coast and dune habitat, on the Monterey Peninsula. It is a beautiful, sandy, narrow beach and rocky cove about 1 mile/1.6 km long.

The trail, created runs through the dunes and gives a very good opportunity for pedestrianism. The trail is accessible by wheelchair. In the property anyone can find the Asilomar Conference Center, which exists from 1913 and is now a National Landmark. It is a lovely beach, where people can body-board.

Best swell direction is from north, west, northwest and southwest. Best size of the waves is small to double overhead. Best wind is east and southeast and best tide low and incoming to medium. It has exquisite cuisine and many opportunities to have fun in the local bars or pubs.

Local accommodations are beautiful, picturesque hotels and bed and breakfast options, available in the vicinity of the spot.