Bodyboarding in Anaël, Brest, Brittany France

Special access:
Paddle or boat for about 20 min
Wave type / direction / power:
Reef-rocky / left / hollow, fast, powerful, slab
Swell direction:
Wind direction:
Level of experience:
Pro or Kamikazi
Brest is situated in a sheltered position near the western tip of Breton peninsula and on the western extremity of metropolitan France. The city is in the Finistère department in northwestern France, Brittany. Brest is an important harbor and the second French after Toulon military port. In Brest, you will find a famous incredible castle, standing there since the Middle Ages.

Anaël is a very difficult to find, public accessed beach. It is located at about an hour in the north of Brest, an appropriate spot for professionals or Kamikazi insane body-boarders. The exact spot is on the north of LeConquet and in the south of StBrieuc. You will have to take a car and then, once you reach the beach, you will have to paddle or take a boat for about 20 minutes in order to get to Anaël.

The beach seems to be like an outer space setting with a totally epic wave quality that sometimes breaks. The wave’s type is reef-rocky and it comes from the left. Bottom of the sea is boulders. The power of the wave is another thing that makes the spot so difficult to board upon.

The wave is hollow, fast, powerful and slab with a normal and good length of less than 50 m /164 ft long. Swell, in its best form, comes from the south and southeast and the wind, in its best form, blows from north, northeast. The swell starts working at 2 – 2.5 m /6 – 8 ft, holding up to 5 m /16 ft and over.

All the tides are good for that specific spot. It’s not a surprise why the beach is almost non frequented by boarders. Only those who dare to mess with the massive waves are to be spotted nearby. You should be extra careful for rips / underflow, rocks and localism. If you are an extreme type, not only in the body or the sport but also in mind, go for it!