Scuba Diving in Cartanser Senior, Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Skill Level:
All Divers
Maximum Depth:
45 ft/13.7 m
By Boat
The Virgin Islands of the United States, or the U.S. Virgin Islands lie in the Caribbean Sea, east of Puerto Rico. This group of islands consist of the main islands of Saint Thomas, which is home to the capital city of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Saint John, Saint Croix, Water Island and other surrounding minor islands.The climate here is classified as tropical savanna climate, mostly affected by moderate trade winds.

St. Thomas is well-known as the mecca for wreck enthusiasts, as it boasts many spectacular wreck dive sites. With a great selection of coral reefs and a wide variety of fish species, this tropical destination attracts divers at any time of the year. The Cartanser Senior or the Cartanza Senora is one of the most popular wreck dive sites on the island and it is visited by snorkelers and divers, due to its well-protected location.

The spot is situated on the west side of Buck Island, just half an hour boat ride from Charlotte Amalie harbor. The Cartanser Senior was a freighter that was used to transport goods during World War II. It now lies in 45 ft/13.7 m depth of water and provides shelter to a wide variety of marine life, including ells, sharks, sergeant majors, parrot fish, southern stingrays, barracuda and turtles.

The ship is split into three sections. The mid section, the largest one, has the remains of the engine room. The wreck attracts divers of all experience levels and many dive boats visit the location daily. Note that the average water temperature varies from 75°F/24°C in winter to 80°F/27°C in summer and the visibility ranges from 10 m/32.8 ft to 30 m/98.4 ft. Finally, you should book your dive in advance, as access to the dive site is only by boat.

Visit Cartanser Senior as soon as possible and enjoy the best wreck dive ever!!!

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Charlotte Amalie
12km/7.4mi, 18mins
These are directions to get to Dive In, one of the dive centers that visit the spot: Head west on Tolbod Pldn to Kongens Gade. Turn right at Kongens Gade. The Kongens Gade turns slightly left and becomes Store Taarne Gade. Slight right to Dronnigens Gade. Turn left into Mafolie Rd. Take the 2nd turn right on Skyline Dr / Valdemar Sr Dr / Rte 40. Continue to follow the Rte 40. Continue to Mandahl Rd. Sharp left onto Rte 38. Turn left. Your destination will be on your right.
Cyril E. King Airport,
16.3km/10.1mi 26mins

The island is not accessible by train.


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