Mountain Biking in Pike State Forest APV Area – Outer Loop, Sinking Spring, Ohio USA

Trail length:
5.5 mi/8.9 km in total
Elevation gain:
Trail type:
Sinking Spring is a village situated in Highland County, Ohio, USA. It is a very small village near Cincinnati in northern Ohio.

About 7 mi/11.2 km east of Sinking Spring, on OH 124, in south-central Ohio is located an amazing mountain biking trail, Pike State Forest APV Area, Outer Loop.

This area was designed for and built by motorcyclists. With new trail – building methods implemented and new erosion control, the trail changes and is in constant reinvented state.

At this route you will come across lots of up and down with many brutal climbs and screaming descents, where you can get big air. Besides some places, where the trail is covered in talus, the traction is incredible in dry conditions.

These trails are a lot of fun, so don’t let the technical parts discourage you. The area is a spiderweb of trails, so if you get tired, just hop a connector and go back to the parking lot. The soil is loose in spots and some of the climbs are tough.

There are no other challenges though, as roots or rocks. The combination of technical and aerobic demands make this loop a great expert loop. The specific outer loop will be tough to all others except the strongest riders.

Anyone who is up to this challenge will be rewarded with a lot of great, fast and thrilling downhills. Surprisingly the trails are in excellent condition, although they are used by all APV’s. If you are an experienced biker, this is the place for you to ride!

How to Get to Destination

226 miles/363.7 km, 3 hours 493 minutes
Head west on W Bancroft St toward Parkwood Ave. Turn left onto Lawrence Ave. Keep right to stay on Lawrence Ave. Turn left onto W Woodruff Ave. Turn right onto the Interstate 75 S ramp to Dayton. Merge onto I-75 S. Keep left to stay on I-75 S. Take exit 52B to merge onto US-35 E toward Xenia. Merge onto US-35 E via the ramp to Washington C H. Take the US-68 exit toward Home Ave/Wilmington. Turn right onto US-68 S. Exit on the left onto OH-73 E. Turn left onto Springlake Ave. Turn right onto N High St. Turn left onto E Main St. Take the 2nd right onto Ohio 124 E/E Main St/Marshall Pike. Continue to follow Ohio 124 E. Turn right to stay on Ohio 124 E. Turn left onto Ohio 124 E/Water St. Continue to follow Ohio 124 E. Destination will be on the right.
BY CAR FROM Cincinnati
79.1 miles/127.3 km, 1 hour 27 minutes
Head south on Walnut St toward E 6th St. Turn left onto E 5th St. Take the Interstate 471 S ramp on the left to Newport Ky. Merge onto I-471 S (Entering Kentucky). Merge onto I-275 E (Entering Ohio). Take exit 63B to merge onto OH-32 E/James A. Rhodes Appalachian Hwy toward Batavia. Turn left onto OH-41 N. Turn right onto Ohio 124 E/Water St. Continue to follow Ohio 124 E. Destination will be on the right.
Greater Cincinnati Airport,
87.1 miles/140 km

Amtrak serves the entire US, so if you wish to travel by train, you should get a train from anywhere in Ohio and abort in Cincinnati, OH (CIN) station. From there you can either take the bus or rent a car.


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