Mountain Biking in Inner Peace Loop, Houghton, Michigan USA

2.41 km / 1.5 mi
Ascent - Descent:
+ 67.66 m/222 ft - 68.58 m/225 ft
Houghton is located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and is considered to be one of the “100 Best Small Towns in America”. The city’s culture and cuisine were influenced by the European immigrants, who reached the area to work in the copper mines. Houghton, due to its location, offers to visitors many recreational moments and a grand variety of sports including hockey, snowmobiling, hiking, mountain biking and climbing.

Upper Peninsula is one of the most exciting places for mountain biking. There are plenty of Mountain Bike Trails near Houghton, but the Inner Peace Loop is considered to be of great fun both ways (starting and ending point).

It is the innermost of three concentric loops on the biggest hill at the Tech Trails. It starts at Twilight Zone Loop and descends through a series of bermed turns, fast flowing sections and small rollers, before it climbs part way back up the hill. It then descends again through an older, rougher section, which leads back to its starting point.

Inner Peace Loop is fun with fast flowing sections and turns, full of berms and extended climbs. In other words, a little bit more exciting than a joyful ride!

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Hurontown, Michigan
4.83km/ 3mi, 7 mins
1. Head northwest on Co. Rd P-102 / Hurontown / Paradise Rd to Superior Rd. Continue to follow the Co. Rd P-102 / Paradise Rd. 2. Turn right at (n) Superior Rd. 3. Proceed to Gundlach Rd. 4. Turn right at (n) E Sharon Ave. 5. Turn left. 6. Turn right.
BY CAR FROM Hancock, Michigan
4.99km / 3.1mi, 12 mins
1. Head west on Quincy St to Ravine St. 2. Take the first turn left onto Ravine St. 3. Take the first turn left onto Hancock St. 4. Proceed to Front St. 5. Proceed to M-twenty-six W / U.S. 41 S / Portage Canal Lift Bridge. Continue to follow the M-the 26th W / U.S. 41 S. 6. Turn left into the (N) U.S. 41 S. 7. Turn right at (n) Bridge St. 8. Continue to Military Rd. 9. Turn left into the (n) E Sharon Ave. 10. Turn left. 11. Turn right.
BY CAR FROM Marquette, Michigan
159.81km / 99.3mi, 1 hour 50 mins
1. Head west on W Michigan St toward N 4th St. 2. Take the first turn left onto N 4th St. 3. Take the 3rd right turn at W Washington St. 4. Turn right at (n) -M on the 28th W / U.S. 41 N. Continue to follow the US 41 N. 5. Turn left into the (n) Macinnes Dr. 6. Proceed to Sharon Ave. 7. Turn right. 8. Turn left.
Houghton County Memorial Airport,
11.27km / 7 mi
Sawyer International Airport,
175km / 109 mi.

There is no train serving this spot.


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