Mountain Biking in Hell’s Gate National Park, Naivasha Lake, Central Province Kenya

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Hell's Gate is located in the South of Lake Naivasha and at about 90 km/55 mi in the northwest of Nairobi City. It covers an area of 68 km²/26.25 mi² and at 1900 m/6233 ft above sea level. Some of the highlights are the Fischer's tower, Central tower and Hell's Gate gorge. Although there is a wide variety of wildlife, the spot is famous for its variety of bird species including vultures, verreaux's eagles, swifts and augur buzzards.

The narrow gorges, extinct volcanoes, hot springs and wildlife add up to a thrilling mountain biking experience. You get to go through sinuous rocky paths among the graceful giraffes and other wildlife.

Although there is no mountain climbing as you bike in Hell’s Gate, it is rugged enough with spectacular terrain and scenery and difficulty will depend on a group’s preference. As you travel through the Basalt cliff, you will be able to view towers of steam from the active geo thermal flows. Distance covered is 7 km/4.3 mi.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Naivasha
31km(19.3miles) 56minutes
Head south east towars Moi South Lake Rd and continue to take the left onto Gorge Rd Continue onto Hells Gate National Park.
121km(75miles) 2hours 22 minutes
Head toward Nyakach Labne west on River Rd.Continue onto Biashara St and take the Muranga Rd.Then Take the left onto Limuru Rd.Take a slight left onto A2 and continue to take Parklands Rd onto the roundabout on Lower Kabete Rd taking the 3rd exit.Take the left onto Ngecha-wanginge and continue to turn right onto A104 on the Nakuru-Nairobi Rd then turn left to take Kenyatta Avenue and take the left onto Moi South Lake Rd and contine to take the left onto Gorge Rd and onto Hells Gate National Park.
Naivasha Airstrip ,
26km (16miles)


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