Backpacking / Trekking in Hell’s Gate National Park, Naivasha Lake, Central Province Kenya

Easy to Medium
Approximately 16km / 10mi
Hell's Gate is located in the South of Lake Naivasha and at about 90 km/55 mi in the northwest of Nairobi City. It covers an area of 68 km²/26.25 mi² and is at 1900 m/6233 ft above sea level. Some of the highlights are the Fischer's tower, Central tower and Hell's Gate gorge. Although there is a wide variety of wildlife, it is famous for a variety of bird species including vultures, verreaux's eagles, swifts and augur buzzards.

The narrow gorges, extinct volcanoes, hot springs and wildlife add up to a thrilling mountain trekking experience. You get to go through sinuous rocks among the graceful giraffes among other wildlife. The terrain is mostly typical savannah, volcanic trails, sandy with some rocky spots and level of difficulty is easy-moderate.

The distance to be covered is approximately a 16 km/10 mi long one at an altitude of 2000 m/6561 ft. Trekking here is not for the weak and weary, you get to climb up and down with occasional stop at the hot springs.

The best way to maximize your adventure is by taking one of the local guides who will advise you which are the best routes for the ultimate experience which is said to last between 3-4 hours.