Mountain Climbing in Mt. Kenya, Mount Kenya National Park, Central Province Kenya

Duration :
8-11 days
Located almost at 150 km/93 mi from Nairobi City, Mt. Kenya is located just on the south of equator and offers three climbing routes, namely Naro-Moru, Sirimon and Chogoria.

Mt. Kenya hosts magnificent cliffs and glaciers that protect the highest peaks. Highest peaks here are Batian at 5199 m/17057 ft, Nelion at 5188 m/17021 ft and Point Lenana at 4985 m/16355 ft. Due to the proximity to the equator, climbing the two highest peaks is somehow seasonal but it entirely depends on the climbers preferences.

Batian’s recommended route is the North Face Standard route which is best climbed August and September while Nelion route is Mackinders and is best climbed in December and January.  Recommended climbing itinerary duration is from 8-11 days.

Highlighted by tarns and alpine meadows, exotic equatorial high-altitude vegetation, sun-birds and soaring eagles, climbing Mt. Kenya allows you to add memorable days to your living by its rich scenery. It’s normal to find yourself with throbbing headaches while climbing the mountain. However, keeping a descent pace and keeping yourself hydrated makes a big difference.

They say, it is not necessary to be extremely physically fit to attempt climbing Mt. Kenya, if one is comfortable with walking almost 8 hours a day, you should be just fine!!