Motocross in Camp Livingston Trail Complex, Alexandria, Louisiana USA

Terrain / trail length:
7 mi²/18 km² / 35 mi/56.3 km
Trail number:
Woods, loose dirt, hard pack, mud, rocks, dust, berms, small jumps, steep hills
Per rider
Alexandria is a city situated on the south bank of the Red River in Louisiana, USA. The city is located in almost the exact geographic center of the state. Alexandria is the principal city of the Alexandria Metropolitan Area and the parish seat of Rapides Parish.

Near Alexandria in Ball, inside the majestic scenery of a forest mixture of pine and hardwood lies a spectacular off road trail network, Camp Livingston Trail Complex. The trail system consists of two interconnecting loop trails and features several creek crossings, which are perfect for motocross.

The trails are Little Creek Trail and Hickman Trail. Little Creek Trail is a 22.6 mi/36.3 km loop trail of moderate terrain on the southern side of the system and Hickman Trail is a 12.5 mi/20 km moderate loop trail on the northern side of the system. The entire network’s size is 7 mi²/18 km² with 35 mi/56.3 km of trails in a wonderful forest.

The marked, not rated and lightly maintained trails lie at an elevation of 100 to 200 ft/30.4 to 61 m and consist of loose dirt in most parts, hard pack, some mud, little rocks and dust and a few berms, small jumps and steep hills. There are two staging areas and the trailhead for Little Creek loop has vault restrooms, that will serve your needs.

The network is opened all year round, but due to wet trail conditions, it sometimes might be temporarily closed, so it is highly suggested to call first. There are some limitations and rules, in order to use the trails. An end cap and a spark arresting silencer is required for all vehicles.

Keep in mind that there is a noise limitation of 99 db and the maximum treat depth of tires should not exceed 1 in/2.5 cm. Camping is permitted in the developed sites of the area without any charge. There is a fee per rider though. This wonderful area is a National Forest and totally worth at least a full day visit.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Lake Charles
102 miles / 164 km, 2 hours 8 minutes
Head west on Kirby St to Ryan St, turn right on Ryan St, turn right onto Belden St, take the exit on the left towards I-10 E/US-90 E, continue to follow the I-10 E, take exit 43 to Iowa, turn left at LA-383 / N Thompson Ave, continue to follow the LA-383, turn left on U.S. 165 N, turn right at LA-3265 E / Robinson Bridge Rd, turn left to merge on I-49 N, take exit 85A to Ml King Dr / Downtown / Alexandria, merge onto 10th St, turn right onto Murray St.
184 miles / 286 km, 2 hours 49 minutes
Head north on NW Railroad Ave to E Charles St, take the first turning left onto W Charles St, take the first turning left onto N Oak St, continue towards US-51 BUS S, take the exit towards I-12 W, merge onto I-10, take exit 103B to merge on I-49 N/US-167 N to Opelousas, continue to follow the I-49 N, take exit 85A to Ml King Dr / Downtown / Alexandria, merge onto 10th St, turn right onto Murray St.
Alexandria International Airport,
7.4 miles / 11.9 km
Esler Regional Airport,
11.4 miles / 18.3 km.

Alexandria does not have Amtrak service, nor a commuter rail system. The nearest train stations are in Shrevenport, New Ibiria and Lake Charles. Depending on where you are coming from, you can get off in one of these stations and from there take a bus or rent a car to reach your destination.


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