Speed Flying in Nods, Bern-Mittelland, Switzerland

Flight speed:
30-145 kph/20-90 mph
Bern is the capital city of Switzerland and the fifth most populous city in the country. It is also the capital of the Canton of Bern which is the second most populous among the Swiss cantons. Bern is situated on the Swiss plateau in the Canton of Bern, north of the Bernese Alps and slightly at 20 km/12 mi in the west from the center of Switzerland.

Bern is an attraction to tourists more in a cultural than a political way. There are many sports that are being practiced in Bern and around the area. Particularly one air sport which is kind of rare but pretty awesome that is being performed near Bern in Nord is Speed Flying.

If you are looking for something special, a new kick or even just a variation of it, then speed flying is what you are looking for. Speed Flying is a combination of paragliding, skiing and parachuting. The difference is that you will cover a bigger distance with a greater speed and you will not jump off an aircraft.

With the little speedsters, you will be lifted a few meters and then ride back on your skis. It is a smooth transition from free riding to fly. But beware!!! If you even try it on, you will be instantly hooked. Speed flying requires a license since 2008. This requires learning and passing the paragliding training.

It is highly recommended that you will wear protective equipment because it is a very dangerous sport. It is a magnificent and very unique sport that you have to try!

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Lausanne
64.1 miles/104 km, 1 hour 9 minutes
Head east on Pl. Saint-Francois/Route 9 to Av. du Théâtre, continue along Av. Benjamin-Constant, the Av. Benjamin-Constant turns slightly right and becomes Rue Caroline, turn right at Av. de Béthusy / Route 1, turn left into Rue du Bugnon / Route 1,continue to follow the Route 1, go through 1 roundabout, turn left at Route de Berne / Route 1, take the exit towards Simplon / Gd-St-Bernard / Fribourg, enter the A9, at junction 14-La Veyre, stay right and follow the signs for E27/A12 to Bern / Fribourg (Road with controlled toll) take exit 12-Bern-Bümpliz for Köniz, enter the Weissensteinstrasse, turn left into Schwarzenburgstrasse, continue to Eigerstrasse / Route 10, continue to follow the Route 10, turn left into Aegertenstrasse, continue to Bernastrasse, turn left into Kirchenfeldbrücke, turn right at Casinoplatz, take the first turn left to stay on Casinoplatz, continue to Amthausgasse.
75.1 miles/122 km, 1 hour 25 minutes
Head southeast on Tiefenhöfe to Talstrasse, road restricted, turn right at Talstrasse, turn left into Bleicherweg, turn right onto the ramp to Luzern, enter the Tunnelstrasse / Route 3, continue to follow the Route 3, turn right at the N8/Schimmelstrasse, continue to follow the N8, turn left into Hohlstrasse/N8/Route 3, keep left to continue toward Duttweilerstrasse, turn right at Duttweilerstrasse, turn left into Pfingstweidstrasse / Route 3, keep left to continue toward A1h, continue to follow the Route 3, continue to A1h (signals A3/Bern/Basel) (Road with controlled toll) continue to A1, keep left, follow the signs to Bern / Aarau / Mägenwil, keep left, follow signs for E25/Lausanne/Bern/Biel/Oensingen, continue to A6, take exit 12-Bern-Ostring to Freudenbergerplatz, turn right at the Freudenbergerplatz, turn right at Ostring / Route 6, at the roundabout, take the 2nd exit towards Thunstrasse / Route 10, continue to follow the Thunstrasse, go through 1 roundabout, continue to Kirchenfeldbrücke, turn right at Casinoplatz, take the first turn left to stay on Casinoplatz, continue to Amthausgass.
Bern Airport,
5.1 miles/9.6 km

Take a train from anywhere in Switzerland and disembark at Bern central station.


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