Skate Boarding in Freestyle Park Allmend, Zurich, Switzerland

Park size:
8000 m² /86111 ft²
Park's features:
Not allowed
Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the Canton of Zurich. It is situated on the northeastern tip of Lake Zurich, in north central Switzerland. The Zurich airport and train station are the busiest and largest in the country. Zurich is a hub for road, train and air traffic. It is a leading global city and stands among the world’s largest financial centers.

In Zurich, there are some of the most famous skate-parks. One of them which is a brand new one, is Freestyle Park Allmend. The park is located outdoors in the same facility where one can find football fields, tennis fields, basketball fields and many more. The park has no winter maintenance so it can’t be driven in rain, ice and snow.

The level of experience is from novice skateboarders who want to learn how to skateboard to experts who want to refine their moves. The park represents a street area, so the features are alike. You will find stairs, walls, rails, ramps, a half-pipe, a bowl and a pool area. The whole area covers 8000 m²/ 86111 ft².

On the spot, you will find drinking fountains, public toilets and your private locker, -you just have to bring your own lock. It is highly recommended that you use the appropriate protective equipment. The park is specifically made for skate boarding, so no bikes are allowed.

How to Get to Destination

32.2 miles/51.7 km, 41 minutes
Head west on Werftsteg to Europaplatz, turn left into Europaplatz, turn right to stay on Europaplatz, slight right to Frohburgstrasse / Route 9, turn right at the Robert-Zund-Strasse/Route 9, continue to follow the Route 9, turn left into the Bahnhofplatz/N8/Route 2/route 9, continue to follow the Bahnhofplatz/N8/Route 2, slight right to Pilatusstrasse / Route 2, turn right at Obergrundstrasse, turn left into Hirschengraben / Route 2, slight right to Hallwilerweg / Route 2, continue to follow the Route 2, take the exit to Basel / Bern / Zürich / Emmen, join the A2, keep right, follow signs for Zürich / Zug, join the A4, at junction 31-Zürich-West, stay right and follow the signs to A3 to Zürich-City/Chur (Road with controlled toll) at junction 32, keep left and follow the signs for Zürich-City/Brunau, take exit Brunau left to enter Allmendstrasse/N8, continue to Giesshübelstrasse, continue to Bederstrasse, slight left at Brandschenkestrasse, turn right at Talstrasse, turn left into Tiefenhöfe, (Road restricted).
BY CAR FROM Lausanne
139.1 miles/225 km, 2 hours 25 minutes
Head east on Pl. Saint-Francois/Route 9 to Av. du Théâtre, continue along Av. Benjamin-Constant, the Av. Benjamin-Constant turns slightly right and becomes Rue Caroline, turn right at Av. de Béthusy / Route 1, turn left into Rue du Bugnon / Route 1, continue to follow the Route 1, go through 1 roundabout, turn left at Route de Berne / Route 1,take the exit towards Simplon / Gd-St-Bernard / Fribourg, enter the A9, at junction 14-La Veyre, stay right and follow the signs for E27/A12 to Bern / Fribourg (Road with controlled toll) continue to E27 (signs for E25/A1/Zürich/Basel/Interlaken/Bern-Forsthaus/Flughafen/Zentrum) enter the A1/E27, at junction 37-Wankdorf, stay left and follow signs for E25/E27/A1 to Zürich / Basel / Biel, keep left, follow signs for Zürich / Basel / Kirchberg, keep left, follow signs for E35/A2/Zürich/Gotthard/Luzern/Rothrist, keep left to continue toward A1h, continue to A1h, proceed to Route 3, sharp right at Duttweilerstrasse, turn left into Hohlstrasse, turn right at the 3rd N8/Seebahnstrasse/ Route 3, continue to follow the N8/Route 3,turn left into Manessestrasse / Route 3, continue to follow the Route 3, then turn 180 degrees to General-Wille-Strasse, turn right at Dreikönigstrasse, turn left into the Talstrasse, take the first turning right into Tiefenhöfe (Restricted Road).
Zurich Airport,
7.9 miles/12.1 km

Take a train from anywhere in Switzerland and disembark at Zurich central station.


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