Snorkeling in Stingray City, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Skill Level:
Maximum Depth:
3.6 m/12 ft
Hurricane Season:
June- November
The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory, situated northwest of Jamaica and south of Cuba, in the western Caribbean Sea. The territory consists of three islands, the Grand Cayman, the Cayman Brac and the Little Cayman. George Town is the capital, located on Grand Cayman, the largest of the three islands. All of the islands enjoy a tropical marine climate, with hot summers and dry, cool winters.

The north side of the island provides world class dive sites, rich in reef life and with an abundance of colorful corals and sponges. Stingray City is probably the most popular dive and snorkel site on the island. The location features a series of shallow sandbars from Morgan Harbor to Rum Point, where diving fans can interact with dozens of southern stingrays.

It is said that these friendly creatures began gathering in the area in the late 1980s, when fishermen used to clean fish in the shallow waters. Nowadays, tour boats with divers, snorkelers and even non swimmers visit the spot to feed or play with the stingrays. Stingray City is suitable for all ages and skill levels, as the maximum depth here is 3.6 m/12 ft. An interesting sea life with plenty of barracuda, lobsters, snappers, crabs and Hawksbill turtles awaits you here.

The average water temperature varies from 78°F/25.5°C in winter to 90°F/32.2°C  in summer, providing excellent diving conditions all year round. The visibility is good and can reach 30 m/98.4 ft. Finally, there are many diving centers on the island that offer a wide variety of services from lessons to gear rental.

Stingray City promises lots of fun and adventure, so let it be the highlight of your vacations!!!