Snorkeling in Chappaquoit Beach, Falmouth, Massachusetts USA

Type of waters:
Chappaquoit Beach is a sandy beach located in Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.

The access to the beach is easy and the water is quite shallow but adequately clean. A lot of activities are encouraged here one of which is snorkeling. Having such shallow waters, it makes it perfect for amateur snorkelers and less tiring, since they don’t have to dive in the deep in order to reach the bottom.

Even though you will not see a lot of corals while diving in the waters of Massachusetts, you will come across various types of fish, as well as crabs, lobsters and starfish. It would be wise to get to the beach early in the morning, at least during the weekends in order to avoid the crowd and find yourself a place at the parking lot.

Falmouth is only a few miles away with plenty of accommodation, shops, restaurants and everything else you may need to spend some quality time on your vacations.