Wind Surfing in Egypt Beach, Scituate, Massachusetts USA

Swell size:
1-2 m/3-6 ft
Swell direction :
Southeast, East, Northeast
Best wind :
Northwest, West, Southwest.
Egypt beach is located in the south of Massachusetts Bay, quite exposed as a spot and mostly rocky.

It is close to Boston, which is the biggest town you find nearby, so you will have to drive there, in order to find all the choices you can get regarding accommodation and entertainment. Access to the beach is easy and there is free parking. Some really good wind surfing can be practiced there, when conditions are right.

 "Wind Surfing at Egypt Beach"

However, it can be a learning spot for beginners as well, when there is not too much wind. You should be cautious of the rips though. Ideal swell direction is from the Southeast, East and Northeast while the best wind you can have comes from the Northwest, West and Southwest.

Swell starts building at less than 1 m/3 ft and can hold up to more that 2 m/6 ft. Some surfers come here for some night surfing, as there is adequate light coming from a hotel nearby.