Sailing in Langebaan Lagoon, Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa

Water Temperatures:
Langebaan Lagoon is situated at 120 km/74 mi north of Cape Town and stretches at 20 km/12 mi in length and 4 km/2.5 mi wide. Unlike other lagoons, Langebaan is pure salty water. The white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are just breathtaking whether it is sunny or cloudy.

The lagoon is characterized by strong tidal streams, sand banks, islands and multiple ports providing with excellent manoeuvrings while sailing. Water temperatures run at 20°C/68°F and docks are well exposed. The sand banks cause for tricky navigation and one needs to be a bit cautious.

There is a lot of traffic as well due to the presence of shipping/fishing vessels and leisure boats. One can sail for hours or even days.  Apart from its spectacular beauty, the spot has also been declared the official RYA examination area.