Sailing in Domaso, Como Lake, Lombardy Italy

Water temperature:
24°C / 75°F in July
Como Lake data:
Length 46km/28mi, Width 4.5km/2.8mi, Surface area 146km²/56.3mi²
North winds: Tivano, Ventone / South winds: Breva, Menaggino
Located in northern Italy, Como Lake is a very popular destination for its natural landscape of awesome beauty and the gorgeous Italian villas. Como Lake is fed by rivers, which rise in the Alps and flow through the lake. The clear water, the particular morphology of the lake and the winds that blow through the lake, make Como Lake a great destination for sailing experience.

Como Lake, lying in the foothills of the Alps to the north and featuring open plains from its southern edges, is an excellent spot for sailing. This geographical location of the Lake creates very interesting wind conditions and makes Como Lake ideal for sailing.

Throughout the day ”Breva” constantly blows from the south and is usually stronger in the northern part. Como Lake is the third largest lake in Italy and with its 425 m/1394 ft depth, it is one of the deepest lakes in Europe. Its particular shape like the character “Y”, makes it a very good spot for sailing adventures. The area is suitable for all levels, but in any case advice from the local schools and trainers is recommended.

Don’t miss to admire the magnificent Italian villas and the surrounding hills!