Rafting in Rouge River, Grenville sur la Rouge, Quebec Canada

Peak season:
Spring and Fall
Rouge River is a river in western Quebec, Canada that flows through Mont Tremblant, dumping into Ottawa River. It is located in Laurentides between Ottawa and Montreal. Rouge River has a lot of points in its favor, thanks to its wilderness and exceptional natural beauty.

This place is worth visiting, as here you can discover astonishing sunny shores, ideal for a quiet walk. A lot of people visit this place to exercise a wide range of different sports. Also, this river is a popular destination for whitewater rafting, so come and witness the many delights of the most well-known sport in Quebec.

You can enjoy this activity in both spring and fall season, as during spring the mid-sized Rouge River can flow up to 450 m-1476 ft/sec and during fall between 30 to 200 m-98 to 656 ft/sec. Furthermore, it is required to bring tents and sleeping bags, waterproof cameras, sunscreen, day pack, running shoes, towels and hats. In this place you can have fun with family and friends. In order to combine adventure with pleasure, a lot of restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities can be found nearby.