Snow Shoeing in Wenatchee Ridge Trail, Wenatchee, Washington USA

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Elevation gain:
Wenatchee is the largest city of Chelan County, located in North Central Washington and lies on the west side of the Columbia River. The city is also known as the Apple Capital of the world, due to the valley's apple cultivations.

Wenatchee Ridge Trail is located on the Central Cascade Mountain, at the Wenatchee National Forest and starts from Wenatchee Lake. It is 10 mi/16 km long, about seven hours hike and has an elevation gain of 2000 ft/609 m.

The first few miles are easy, suitable for beginners, but as you get higher, it gets more difficult. Wenatcee Ridge Trail combines the beauty of the river valley along with amazing view.

For those who will stay at the lower half of the route, they can brush up their skills in snowshoeing and play with the powder snow and those who will trek the entire route, they will love the adventurous climb through the forest. Don’t forget to take with you a map and a compass.