Rappelling /Abseiling in Kondhana Caves, Karjat, Maharashtra India

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Best season:
June to October
Maximum waterfall height:
One day
Located in the outskirts of Mumbai, Karjat is a city situated in the mountainous region of the state of Maharashtra. Stretching across the mountains of Bhor Ghat, Western Ghats and Sahyadris, the area is known for its green fields, rich soils and waterfalls that flow from almost every hill during the Monsoon season.

Kondhana Caves is a fascinating, rock cut cave group, consisted of 8 Buddhist caves and is located near a small village called Kondhana. The caves feature amazing sculptures, that represent the ancient Buddhist architecture and are surrounded by lush nature and waterfalls, creating a unique scenery for visitors. And this is where the real action begins!

 The climate in the area is tropical wet and dry, which means that there are seven months of dryness and five months of frequent and heavy rain showers. The south west Monsoon season starts from May to October and the average maximum temperature is 88 °F/31.2 °C. This is the best time to visit the Kondhana Caves and enjoy an unforgettable rappelling experience on the waterfalls, created by the abundance of rain.

In order to reach the caves, you hike an easy to walk trail that starts from Kondivade village and leads you on the top of the hill. The maximum height of the spot is 150 ft/45.7 m and descending is very exciting, as you go through the waterfall that covers the mouth of the cave like a curtain. Suitable for all skill levels, this activity can be safely performed when organized by experienced guides, operating in the location.

All gear is provided by the schools and the journey lasts one day, combined with transportation, food, rappelling the waterfalls and a visit within the amazing caves. Bring an extra pair of clothes to change, track pants, a towel and shoes and prepare to have fun and get wet!!!