Mountain Biking in Waalre, Eindhoven, North Braband, Netherlands

Route length:
45 km / 27 mi
Experts / with shortens for beginners
Starting points:
Eindhoven is situated in the south of the Netherlands, in the province of North Brabant at the confluence of the Gender and Dommel streams. It is a city and a municipality, neighboring with many cities and towns as Nuenen, Best, Son en Bruegel, Veldhoven, Oirschot, Geldrop – Mierlo, Eersel and Waalre.

Eindhoven, just like the entire Netherlands, is very famous for the Mountain Biking trails. The Dutch countryside is stunning and there are many things to see as you are practicing your favorite sport. Trails are countless but one big trail sets apart. The trail lies in Waalre near Eindhoven and it consists of four smaller sections.

The entire tour is a 45 km / 27 mi long round trip with four loops in total. There are several shortens for beginners who want to learn how to manage their mountain bike. All the routes are marked with wooden columns in red, including the international MTB sign, a triangle with 2 laps below. The route, depending on which one you will choose, has four starting points.

The entire route in Waalre Heeze is located in the nature, inside a forest under Eindhoven. In the Waalre municipality, you can mainly find alternations between the forest and the open area (Loop A and B). In the Heeze Leende municipality, you can find the alternation between heath lands with fens and forest (Loop C and D). This last section is suitable for winter time.

The specific route is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders who can enjoy the variation in the route and length, providing with sufficient challenge. Mountain Biking at this trails requires considerable effort. The four routes are the Old Railroad route, Aalsterhutroute, Groote Heide Route and Heezervenroute.

The Old Railrodar Route is a a 13 km / 8 mi long alternate route that runs almost entirely through the forest on typical forest trails surrounding Waalre. These paths are sometimes wide, sometimes narrow. You will also find two zones with some hill climbs and beautiful vistas. Highlight of the tour is Hole Waalre, an old quarry where you can have amazing view over the water combined with the hills.

This route extends to the next route which is Aalsterhutroute. From Hutdjik the route takes you right into the woods. Soon enough, you begin to walk up the path and after a long climb, you get above the tree line. From there, the view over the Meeuwven is fantastic. In the descent that follows, you will find left curves, alternating in perfect harmony with right turns. When you reach the bottom you will get again into the woods.

Later on, you leave the woods, reaching the Tongelreep river, through the lovely Backside. The bike path leads towards the Squatting runs, along the wonderful nature. After another 0.5 km /546.81 yd long, you will be able to skip towards the Old Railroad Route at the left. If you decide to go right at the single track, it will take you in the residential area of town Aalst.

After this brief excursion into the core, the route leads you back into the forest through a magnificent winding path where you will be stubbing the hut dike. The route ends few moments later on but it can be continued to Groote Heide Route. The specific route runs on a slightly hilly terrain.

It goes through a very diverse area consisting of moors, fens, marshy pieces, small fields and deciduous along with pine forests. When it gets wet, the path gets heavy to ride. The route is also technical as it includes some small climbs. Finally, the Heezervenroute runs mainly on narrow forest roads and close to the departure point in Lent, a challenging mound.

A solid start is recommended to observe these bump that lie in the mid Heezernroute. The soil is in yellow sand which is driven first down and then firm up. This short route is passable, not hard and suitable for novices. It is also associated with the Groote Heide Route. All the routes can be ridden with high speed and in short, it is a challenge to any ambitious MTB rider.

Bear in mind that you will have to be in excellent physical condition. It is not necessary to have something to eat with you as there are several catering outlets on site. Bring water with you though. Try this awesome route in the nature, feel the breeze and the intoxicating smell of the pine trees, wildflowers and admire the gorgeous vistas!!!