Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Massif du Sud, Saint Philemon, Quebec Canada

Appropriate season:
50 km / 31 mi
Massif du Sud is a well-known ski mountain spot, at about 90 km/55 mi southeast of Quebec City, Canada. The spot represents part of the same name park, Park du Massif du Sud. It is widely known that if you visit this place, you have the chance to enjoy yourself in all fields.

If you visit this place, it is sure that you will never regret it, as here you can find a wide range of  summer and winter activities, friendly atmosphere and a lot of adventure.

So, don’t think about your problems anymore, make up your mind, take your friends with you, all your positive energy and discover what is called, best vacations. For those who are looking for a different way to admire the landscape, the best thing to do is to visit the Park du Massif and perform extreme hiking.

This park is open all year-round. The Park du Massif offers you more than 50 km/31 mi of trails for an amazing and unforgettable experience. Visit this park and let yourself immerse into the stunning views of the massif’s top. In this place where nature is so kind and generous, you can enjoy your best hiking, as the trails lead to the top of three summits. The tallest one is Mont du Midi at 915 m (3000 ft).

As you can see, Park du Massif du Sud is the most appropriate Canadian place to spend your time. Services like free outdoor parking, rental shops, camping accommodations and packages are available in Park du Massif. This place is also ideal for those who want to enjoy their activity with the company of  their pets. After practicing your favorite sport, the only thing left to do is to let yourself relax in one of the most impressive cafes and restaurants that are available and let the rest in the magic of  night.